Animals That Start With D (With Pictures)

Some of the most popular animals that start with the letter D are dogs, ducks, and deer. These three animals are common in many countries, and you can find them in homes, zoos, farms, and parks.

In addition, this list contains other animals that begin with the letter D.

  • Dachshund – A breed of dog known for its long body and short legs.
  • Dalmatian – A popular US dog breed known for its distinctive spotted coat.
  • Danios – A type of freshwater fish commonly found in the rivers and streams of Asia.
  • Death Adder – A viper-like snake native to the Oceanic Region and some parts of Indonesia.
  • Deer – Antlered animals that vary in species and can be found all over the world.
  • Dhole – A type of wild Asian wolf that is known for its pack-hunting skills.
  • Diamond python –  A non-venomous snake that is native to Australia and known for its beautiful diamond pattern on its skin.
  • Diamondback Moth – A cream-colored moth known for its diamond-shaped pattern on its back.
  • Dik-Dik – A small antelope that is native to Africa.
  • Dingo – A wild dog native to Australia that has a distinctive howl.
  • Dire Wolf -An extinct species of wolf that was much larger than its modern-day counterparts.
  • Doberman Pinscher – A type of dog that is typically big and makes an effective guard dog.
  • Dodo – An extinct flightless bird that was native to the islands of Mauritius.
  • Dog – A domesticated animal that is commonly found in homes around the world.
  • Dolphin – A marine mammal known for its playful and social behavior.
  • Donkey – A domesticated animal that is commonly used as a pack animal.
  • Dragonfly – An insect that is known for its distinctive unequal wings.
  • Duck – A waterfowl animal that has webbed feet and a broad bill.
  • Dugong – A large marine mammal related to manatees and elephants.
  • Dung Beetle – A type of beetle that is known to feed on feces.


These are some of the animals that start with the letter D. Whether you are an animal lover or not, they make fascinating and interesting pets and deserve to be studied further.