Adjectives for Bears: Words to Describe Bears

Some of the most popular adjectives to describe bears are strong, furry, big, fierce, and intimidating. However, many other words can be used to describe these interesting creatures. Here is a list of some additional adjectives that can be used to describe bears.

  • Big – Bears are some of the biggest land mammals.
  • Communicative – They will grunt, moan, and make other noises to show distress or command cubs to follow.
  • Cuddly – Some bears can be cuddly, especially cubs.
  • Cute – Baby bears, or cubs, are often seen as cute creatures.
  • Dangerous – Bears can be dangerous to humans as they are wild animals.
  • Endangered – Some bear species are endangered due to habitat loss and hunting.
  • Fierce – Bears can be fierce when they are protecting their young or their territory.
  • Furry – Bears are covered in fur, which helps to keep them warm in colder climates.
  • Heavy – Bears are heavy creatures, weighing anywhere from 200 to 1,000 pounds.
  • Intelligent – Bears are known to use tools and have been observed as self-aware.
  • Intimidating – Bears can be intimidating creatures due to their size.
  • Mighty – Bears are mighty creatures that can be feared by humans.
  • Omnivores – Bears are known to eat honey, fruits, and animals.
  • Playful – Although they can be dangerous, bears can also be playful, especially with cubs.
  • Shaggy – Bears have shaggy thick fur that helps to keep them warm.
  • Slow – With their huge size, bears move slowly and lumberingly.
  • Strong – Bears are known to be strong creatures as they can lift heavy objects and fight with other bears.
  • Territorial – Bears are known to be territorial creatures and will mark their territory with urine and anal gland secretions.
  • Versatile – Bears can live in a variety of habitats and can make their shelter by burrowing.
  • Violent – When threatened, bears can be violent and will attack with their claws and strong jaws.


Bears are amazing creatures that have a lot of interesting characteristics. By using adjectives, we can describe them in even more detail. Whether it’s a polar bear or a  grizzly bear, there is always more to learn about these furry animals.